Bouza do Rei Winery vineyards



   At present, Bodegas Bouza do Rei oversees the production of more than 100 hectares of vineyards.

   Our winery only produces Albariño wine (even though the regulatory body does permit the use of other varieties of grape).

   The outstanding grape used in the Rías Baixas Registered Designation of Origin is Albariño, which is exceptional in terms of its sugar production (potentially reaching 13 alcohol) and its richness of numerous aromatic elements and taste, thus giving the wines a high degree of refinement and elegance.

Bouza do Rei Winery vineyards
   The vines are grown in vineyards, supported on granite posts made by hewers. This is done in order to separate the stocks from the ground, thus protecting them from humidity and excessive vegetation. Cultivation of the vines in vineyards also favours their exposure to the sun and facilitates wine harvesting tasks and maintenance.
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