Bouza do Rei winery installations and processing


Installations and Processing

   The elaboration of a good wine starts with the raw material: the Albariño grape. Our Quality Control process begins with the exhaustive monitoring of the vines and the techniques used to grow these. Bodegas Bouza do Rei extracts its wine harvest from the best land in Salnés, with vineyards which are more than twenty years old.

   Midway through September, depending on the ripeness of the grapes, we start the grape harvest, adhering to our objective of maximum quality from harvesting to the entry of the grapes in the winery. Once there, we remove the stems. This procedure results in a series of benefits: on the one hand, it reduces astringency and increases the elegance of the wine; on the other, it results in a noteworthy improvement in the marc distillations. We then perform a gentle pressing. As the grape juice is obtained it is placed in settling tanks, where the unfermented grape juice is left to settle for the time required for the decantation of all impurities. Once it has been decanted the grape juice is fermented for a 3 week period in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks.

   Then, the wine is filtered in a series of different stages. Prior to bottling, the wine is subject to microbiological filtering. Once the wine has been bottled, the bottles are stored in accordance with a series of strict regulations for the ideal conservation of the wine. To achieve this, our cellar is totally insulated and the product awaits its final journey in the best possible conditions. Our winery uses the most modern technology available in the elaboration of our prestigious wines: pneumatic presses; cooling equipment, filtering and microfiltering equipment; and stainless steel tanks for the elaboration and conservation of the wine.
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