Bouza do Rei roasted eau-de-vie


Toasted Eau de Vie

   Once the eau-de-vie has been distilled, we add caramelised sugar, plus a touch of coffee to "soften" or "round" the force of the eau-de-vie, thus giving a drink which is smoother on the palate, yet which continues to maintain the characteristics of the original drink.


   Amber-roasted liqueur.


   Eau-de-vie with a great aromatic intensity, with outstanding frankness and refinement in the sensations perceived. Lasting sensations of the roasted, caramelised bouquet, with hints of vanilla beans.


   Liqueur which floods the mouth with a light sensation of sweet warmth, with hints of caramel, and an aftertaste of aromas from the variety of grape used in its production, plus a slight taste of roasted coffee.

Toasted Eau de Vie
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