Bouza do Rei Herb liqueur


Herb Liqueur

   The eau-de-vie is distilled along with 12 varieties of herbs, including aniseed, camomile, rosemary, and liquorice. Once the distillate has been obtained it is left to mature in French Oak barrels (Limousin variety) for a minimum period of 8 months.


   Emerald green liqueur.


   Liqueur with an intense aroma, of a great floral harmony, slightly sweet to taste and with a high degree of frankness in the sensations perceived, with a very pleasant, round bouquet. The aromas of the wild herbs, the camomile and mint combine perfectly with the aroma of peach or flowers from the eau-de-vie itself.


   Liqueur which floods the mouth with a pleasant sensation of gentle warmth. An aftertaste of aromas from the variety of grape used in its production.

Herb Liqueur
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