Bouza do Rei Galician eau-de-vie


Galician Eau de Vie

   Once the grape has been pressed in the winery, we obtain the grape juice which is then used to produce wine, and also grape marcs, which once fermented and distilled give us eau-de-vie.


   A shining, crystalline eau-de-vie, totally transparent and colourless.


   Eau-de-vie with a great aromatic intensity, with outstanding frankness and refinement in the sensations perceived, hints of apple, herbs, and exotic fruit which are a result of the principal aromas of the variety of grape used. Clean alcoholic undertones, with a light sensation of peach.


   A finely distilled eau-de-vie which expresses a pleasant sense of warmth, with a series of aromas derived from the variety of grape used in its production.

Galician Eau de Vie
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